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AlohaLamaze.com/Gentle Sacred Lamaze Birthing is focused on providing expectant couples with gentle, intimate skills so they may birth their babies in sacred, joyful ways.  I offer the techniques which help couples birth in communion with each other and their babies.  Acknowledging that within the experience of normal birthing the use of drugs adversely impacts the mother, baby and family unit, couples learn a wide range of techniques to lessen pain by raising the woman's pain tolerance level.

Birth partners are literally taught to be doulas for their grateful pregnant partners.  Called Guardians of Courage rather than coaches, the birth partner keeps the laboring woman safe, loved, relaxed and confident which can enable her mind, heart and body to unfold and release her baby into the world

I also have classes on related topics such as  Infant Instinct Breastfeeding and a free course called "Circumcision:  Discovery and Decision".   I am available on a limited basis for house calls for moms with breastfeeding issues.  "Do not let a breastfeeding issue become a breastfeeding problem,"  Janis Bush/Oahu's and Orange County's Breast Whisperer.

Though I have relocated to Southern California, I am closely affiliated with and remain the president of Normal Birth Hawaii, an Oahu based Lamaze Birth Network/Chapter:  normalbirthhawaii.com.  Please "Like" us on our Normal Birth Hawaii Facebook Page.  Also, for California couples, visit Normal Birth/Orange County. These are networks of birth visionaries (anyone who views birth as gift) and others who embrace                  the normalcy of birth and work toward the promotion of gentle    birth outcomes. 

                Starting in January 2015, couples may enroll in my private, 5 week authentic Lamaze course.  It includes 5 three-hour Lamaze classes and a 4-hour Infant Instinct Breastfeeding Class.  All classes are designed to be attended by both the expectant mother and her birth partner;  participation is limited to no more than 10 couples.  Location will be in the North Orange County  area.   Fee: $160.00 for the 6 week course.                                               Includes workbook for Birth Partner/Guardian of Courage.
Infant Instinct Breastfeeding teaches a paradigm opposite to the American breastfeeding method of the "Tickle-Tickle-Shove Technique".  You will learn to let the baby take the lead which allows her to latch perfectly making the transition from pregnancy to motherhood seamless.   Taking the breastfeeding class alone has a fee of $60.00.  Includes course guidebook.

Please visit us at "Contact Us" to reach us by email or phone.   You may leave messages through our  website service or directly at alohalamaze@aol.com.

Aloha nui loa,
Janis Bush, BA, LCCE, FACCE,                                        Lamaze Breastfeeding Support Specialist,                                Earth Mother and Earth Grandmother 

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